Wine Refrigerator - Do You Really Need One?

Expert Author Doug Arnold
When people think of a wine refrigerator, their first impression may be that it is an expensive luxury that is not really needed and only upper-class "wine snobs" will have the money to waste on them. However, if you are the type of person who not only enjoys a glass or two of wine, but also enjoys looking after them, a wine refrigerator may be something that you should actually think about investing in. The reason for this is that it can ensure that your wines are kept at the ideal temperature to ensure their quality is maintained.
This article will look at some of the reasons why a specialized wine refrigerator, which is sometimes referred to as a "wine cooler" or even a "wine storage unit", is something that you should look at purchasing if you are serious about your wine.
Different sizes available
A good reason to purchase one is because there are many different sizes available that can be tailored to your needs. Some fridges may only hold only 6 bottles and could easily fit on your kitchen counter, while others may hold more than 40! Therefore, depending on the size of you wine collection, you could likely find one to suit your needs.
Temperature regulation
All wine enthusiasts know that if you are going to store vintage wine, or simply need to store wine for longer periods, temperature is a crucial factor. Also, the correct serving temperature will be important as well. By purchasing a wine fridge, the temperature can be kept to a constant level, thus ensuring your wine will not be adversely affected by temperature fluctuations.
As a rough guide, dry white wines should be stored at the 55 oF and served between 46-57. Light red wine need to be stored and served at 55oF, whereas full-bodied reds need to be stored below 55oF, and served at 59-66oF.
But what if you enjoy both red and white wines? Some wine fridges will have two doors, where reds and whites can be stored separately AND at different temperatures!
With a good fridge, these temperatures can be maintained at a constant level and is generally not subject to temperature variations during the day. This is different from storing it in your normal refrigerator, where by opening the door numerous times during the day will cause the internal temperature to change and possibly damage the quality of your wine.
Much cheaper than a wine cellar
A wine cellar is simply a wine cooler on a large scale. In cooler climates, it is generally a room in the home that is dedicated to storing the wine. It doesn't have to be in the cellar of the home, but it is usually a dark room where the temperature generally stays constant. However, not everyone has the room for such a venture, or even the money to construct one properly. Also, people who live in warmer or tropical climates may not have the correct temperatures or get low enough. In this case, storing wine for extended periods of time may be impossible due to the higher temperatures. Therefore, having a wine refrigerator is essential and a fantastic investment.
wine refrigerator is an essential wine accessory if you enjoy your wine. There are many different styles available, both for small collections or large and very valuable ones. Do you need one? Well, if you want to keep your wine collection at optimum quality, then you definitely should!


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