Vibrational Force of the Universe

Expert Author Katheryn Hoban
Vibrations are also a very important law of structure and form of the universe. It is now proven that everything is vibrating, at an incredible fast rate of speed. Now we see that the tiniest forms, planets, stars, galaxies, and universes have vibrations built into their form, function and essence. What the astronomer probably won't know fully is that vibration is accurate communication system.
If everything has a subtle vibration it would make sense that we would also have built in transmitters and receivers to hone into certain vibrations. We could hone in on our own heart's vibrations, on the cells in our liver, we could sense if these vibrations go off their usual rhythm and pattern. We could begin to transmit the correct timing and speed of vibrations back to heal ourselves. We could receive and transmit vibrations to and from other life forms such as birds, trees, plants, and other humans. We could receive the vibration from Earth, and from life forms from other planets and galaxies. This is not science fiction, people who are really attuned and aware, do this all the time.
For some it is subtler than others. It requires a practice, a focus, and quieting the disbelief of your mind. As part of the vibrational force a hum is given off. Every form has its own hum. In yoga the hum becomes an Om, which is the first sound of the creation of the universe. There is a resonation to each hum, some are just the right tone for you and others are a distraction and uncomfortable to you. For an example an air conditioner gives off a hum but it is mechanical and it could feel like fingers scratching down a chalkboard to your psyche. That's why some music resonates with you and some doesn't.
Some people give you bad vibes. You are feeling and attuning to the vibrations from them. You can be susceptible to vibrations from an early age or your practice can make you profoundly attuned. You can feel other planets, other beings, in this dimension or another.
All matter has a vibration. Different emotional states have tremendous vibrations. Love, joy, appreciate have a higher vibration, which means that these energies vibrate at a faster, purer rate. Hate, grief, anger, and jealousy have a low and heavy vibration. These low vibrations can actually make you sick because they are very toxic to human and creature forms.
Thought forms have a vibration as well. Thoughts are another effective way of communication, especially if you communicate with the intention of Love, Purity of heart, Encouragement, Respect, and Gratitude. I believe that advanced level of beings communicate by their thoughts very rapidly and consistently. Thoughts also create a magnetic force instantaneously. An actual energetic thought form is created with magnetic form and substance. If you were trained in advanced techniques of energetic perception from a very early age, you could perceive all the thought forms, and you could pick and choose which ones you would like to explore.
Many scientists are trying to prove that thoughts on a universal grand scale are actually subtly transforming the universe. That there is a cognitive intelligence with a super capacity towards love and compassion that is both responsive and pliable to requests made by thoughts, affirmations, and prayers.
Inside plants, vegetation, creatures, and humans there is a mechanism that directly responds to love, and compassion. Even down to the tiniest cells, studies have shown that the cells respond directly to intentions or thoughts of love with a renewal or rejuvenation. Cells also respond to fear with a closing or shutting down. Most doctors now know the correlation between your emotions and your well-being. If you are ill, your doctor might tell you with all seriousness "To think happy thoughts."
To break matter down further, we would be aware of the profound place that love, compassion and super-conscious awareness have in the very essence of the universe. It is interwoven into every cell, thought, form, and space in the Cosmo. A oneness, a unified whole begins to emerge. The higher consciousness of every single form. Whether something fits our definition as living, breathing, aware, or unconscious, it has a higher consciousness through it's being. With the intention of love, appreciation, and gratitude you could communicate with the higher consciousness of every human being, every creature, every plant form, and with the higher consciousness of beings in other dimensions.
In silence you also become more acutely aware of this living, breathing compassionate consciousness. That's why focus and mediation are so vital a practice. Meditation is one way to go beyond the physical barriers and limitations to experience the true essence of all.
In Conversations with God by Neil Donald Welsh, this oneness is described as a pool that is lit with the exact same amount of light on both sides. We can clearly see that the pool is one unit. There is no change at all. It is then described in the book that if you turn on a very bright light on one side of the pool and then on the other you shade it with a covering so it really looks quite dark. Now looking at the same pool you begin to doubt that the light and dark are part of the same pool. You begin to surmise that one is good and one is evil. If the lights went back to the original position and the pool was illuminated in the exact same way, once again you are certain that the pool is the same from one side to the other side.
Here is another example, if you take one giant cloth of neutral color, and then cut it all up into tiny pieces, and then take these individual pieces and dye them, and attach funny patterns and textures, and finally sew them back together to form the original cloth again, you would have an idea of the oneness of the universe. If you were to fluff out the cloth, you would see a ripple that rolls from one side to the other side. You would be aware of the cause and effect of that action to billow out the cloth. What you did on one side very quickly affected the opposite place. Even though the cloth looks very different from its original form, with all its color, shade, texture and pattern variations, you now see its unification and oneness.
Try to imagine that action as thought and vibration that speeds across the universe. The intention of love and compassion easily move from one side to the other side of an unlimited universe. But this is on a vast scale. The energy of war and devastation would equally affect the quiet pool. In understanding this demonstration, you may also become aware of your own power of intention, thought, prayer and affirmations. You have equal power to cause tiny ripples or gigantic tidal waves across the universe with each thought of light; love, strength, power, calmness, clarity and focus. If each person began to recognize the power that she has with her own thoughts, and own intentions; and that one thought has the force to send a transforming ripple out into the universe, she would no longer feel powerless, nor be fearful. She would imagine and she would create. Her intentions would cause ripples of intentions everywhere. Other beings would feel the magnetic force of that intention. They would be drawn to that intention.
The oneness recognizes and works in the most compassionate state imaginable. The best solution for all is the purpose of the higher consciousness. Love, kindness, compassion for every state of being, peace, harmony, comfort, grace, forgiveness, and restoration. This is a small place; not only is this your world, it's your universe. "Be still and know that I am God."


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